A Duke for the Road The Duke’s Secret Book 1

Bard Productions Inc - Or so he thinks. From their very first kiss, she knows he is the one for her. After all, she loathes the uninspiring parties a proper unmarried lady can attend. But he has a dark secret. When the two are caught in a compromising position, he has no choice but to marry the wild, independent Harry. When he meets his childhood friend, he is determined to stay away from her, Lady Harriet Cornwall, despite the fact she makes his heart sing and his body ignite.

Inheriting a dukedom bankrupted by his dissolute grandfather, father, and elder brother has made him determined that the male line will end with him. And like her mother, she longs for a large family. In the breath of a single dance, her heart is lost. No, a beacon of culture, she longs to be just like her mother, literature, and fun.

A Duke for the Road The Duke's Secret Book 1 - When she meets rob again, she can hardly believe the transformation from mischeivous boy to sardonic and mysterious man. Will he push her away as he has done to everyone else? Or will she be able to coax her dark duke back into the light to find love? He refuses to allow any one else to suffer at the hands of a Deverall man.

A duke with a secret:robert Deverall, Duke of Blackstone, is cursed. But will his determination never to have children, and his fears about his famiy line, destroy their chance at love?A Lady Determined to Unmask the Duke:Lady Harriet Cornwall is determined to marry and quickly.

How to Marry a Duke Without Really Trying The Duke's Secret Book 2

Bard Productions Inc - Even if she finds her dashed heart has been lost to him. Will he be able to let himself lose his heart or will his quest to be the perfect duke be his undoing?A Lady Who Will Marry for Love:Lady Eglantine Trewstowe is interested in only one thing when it comes to matrimony. Having the good fortune to be an heiress, educated, and part of a loving family she’s in no rush to throw herself onto the mart.

. Love. He desires her, and longs to make her his, admires her, but George knows that something so wild as love might lead him from his path of perfection. She refuses to marry him without love. When he encounters his childhood friend, Lady Eglantine, again he immediately knows she will be the perfect duchess and mother of his children.

How to Marry a Duke Without Really Trying The Duke's Secret Book 2 - A duke determined to be perfect:George Cornwall, Duke of Harley, is a perfect duke in almost every way. But when the duke of harley decides she’s the lady for him, even if he doesn’t love her one little bit, she rejects his cold proposal. Will her merry manner crack the duke’s quest for perfection or will her chance at love vanish?

. No, eglantine is quite happy to wait for an unremarkable match to a marvelous second son who loves his library as much as he loves her. Just as he promised his father he would be.

Duke Takes All The Duke's Secret Book 3

- Only one man can help her. Even if it means choosing her for his bride. He has known loss and pain and failure. So much so, that the only way he can make up for the past is in saving everyone he can. But when his soul longs to know hers and his heart dares to yield, he must choose between all he has ever known as the most mysterious duke in all of Europe or a final chance at love.

A fiercely determined Highland Lady:Lady Diana is fleeing her murderous brother and seeking her freedom. But he is a dark and ominous figure, his name whispered to her on the death bed of her aunt. As her aunt promised, the enigmatic duke agrees to keep her safe. When the wild, beautiful Highland lass shows up on his doorstep, he can't turn her away.

Duke Takes All The Duke's Secret Book 3 - A duke with a thousand secrets:The Duke of Raventon has sworn to never reveal his entire heart and soul to anyone. She knows she can trust him with her life but when sparks fly, can she trust him with her heart? More so, he will do whatever it takes to ensure her safety and happiness. The mysterious Duke of Raventon.

Still, diana has no choice but to go to London, knock upon his door, and meet the devil himself.

Between the Devil and the Duke The Duke's Secret Book 4

- From usa today best selling author comes a tale of a dark duke and a lady longing to be free. The duke of Ardore is about to take his revenge. One roll of the dice will determine if. Annabelle Winters is determined to save him. If a single night is all it takes for the duke to risk everything for love. A passionate decision can drive Annabelle from the safety of her golden cage into the arms of a man who just might turn out to be more devil than duke.

The Daring Duke The 1797 Club Book 1

The Passionate Pen - He agrees but is quickly taken aback by how easy everything is with Emma. When her father returns, threatening her with a terrible future, their courtship swiftly becomes all too real. The dukes are coming!the wild and charismatic Duke of Abernathe is the kind of friend anyone would wish to have. She asks him to pretend he’s interested in her just long enough to gain the attention of others.

He even formed the 1797 Club, consisting of ten men who would all be dukes. But he has full-throatedly declared he will never marry and no one understands why. But miss emma Liston doesn’t care why. Will james ever reveal the true man beneath the outer shell? and can Emma discover her own worthiness before it’s too late?Length: Full-Length 70, 000 wordsHeat Level: SizzlingThis book is the first in The 1797 Club series.

The Daring Duke The 1797 Club Book 1 - . Now. The first book of the much anticipated 1797 Club series from USA Today Bestselling author Jess Michaels. She decides to take a wild chance and ask the help of her friend Meg’s brother James. A longtime wallflower with an absentee father who is a scandal waiting to happen, she needs to marry.

Scandal in Spades Lords of Chance Book 1

Entangled: Scandalous - There’s nothing to be trusted in the Society she left behind…especially not the imperious marquess with his single-minded pursuit. Lady katherine may be the least marriageable lady in all of England, but a child of their union would be a rightful heir…Scandal has hardened Lady Katherine and narrowed her world to duty and family.

Lusciously romantic and sparkling with wit, Scandal in Spades will captivate you until the very last page. Anna campbell, bestselling author of the Dashing Widows seriesThe Marquess of Bromton has just learned that he’s a bastard. But the winner demands more than Bromton bargained for—a marriage…to his spinster sister.

Scandal in Spades Lords of Chance Book 1 - Except, the more their connection deepens, the more Bromton surprises Katherine. Or his knee-weakening kisses. But the truth about their courtship could destroy everything…. Feeling his honor is at stake, he attempts to bestow his estate upon a rightful heir by manipulating a high-stakes card game.

A Mistress for Penndrake

Entangled: Amara - Now wesley is being blackmailed by the new owner into marrying a woman he’s never met in order to get it back. But the high-stakes game between them soon leads to her losing the last thing she expected…her heart. Ignorant of the name, and the devilish marquess that wears it all too well, she nearly ends up compromised.

For a year, lord wesley has tried to undo the devastation his father left to Penndrake, their ancestral home, only to discover the man gambled it away right before his death. However, her plans are halted when she receives a daunting letter from her cousin about a Lord Wesley. The marquess of Wesley is out for blood.

A Mistress for Penndrake - But his intentions are less than honorable…At one and twenty, Miss Kate Holden intends to become a governess, having sworn off all men years ago. Refusing to fall prey to Wesley’s skillful seduction, Kate decides to turn things around on the rake.

Once Upon a Wallflower

Entangled: Scandalous - But mira doesn't see a killer in Nicholas's moonlight eyes, and she resolves to find the real murderer before the wedding. A gothic villain…expecting to scare the chit away within five minutes of meeting him, the Viscount Ashfield, scarred and brooding Nicholas, is intrigued by Mira's tenacious resolve to prove his innocence.

She's not put off by his imposing appearance, but his family's dark secrets mean he cannot let her get close. As the wedding approaches, Nicholas and Mira grow ever closer, yet so does the danger. A perennial wallflower…when mira fitzhenry's guardian arranges her engagement to one of the most scandalous lords to ever grace the peerage, all of society is abuzz.

Once Upon a Wallflower - After all, the man has left a trio of dead young women in his wake, including his first fiancée.

May Mistakes The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 3

- And with the fate of parliament—not to mention a bill increasing the rights of women—in the balance, Basil must choose between love and duty. At least until a twist of fate throws the two potential lovers together in a way that neither of them expected. But what begins as a romance that is as charming as it is sultry turns into a game with far higher stakes when the infamous Missing Earl of Waltham is tracked down and dragged out into the light.

After the death of her father, Miss Elaine Bond had decided to embrace life as an independent woman…much to the chagrin of her neighbors. Basil Wall. Basil has been in love with elaine since the moment he moved to Brynthwaite years ago, but the secret that drove him out of London and into the remote Lake District has kept him from declaring himself.

May Mistakes The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 3 - Which leaves elaine caught between what is right and what is proper, and leads her to an adventure far more daring than any of her Brynthwaite neighbors could dream of. Please be advised: steam level – very hot!if you would like to read about events leading up to May Mistakes, check out A WILD ADVENTURE, part of the West Meets East series, available now.

And be sure to pick up the two sequel novellas to may mistakes coming soon, BRYNTHWAITE PROMISE and BRYNTHWAITE SUMMER. The silver foxes of westminster series consists of:december heart and its accompanying novellas--Starcross Lovers--Starcross DreamsAUGUST SUNRISE and its accompanying novellas--Winterberry Spark--Winterberry FireMAY MISTAKES and its accompanying novellas--Brynthwaite Promise--Brynthwaite Summer.

Her eccentric ways alarm the entire town of Brynthwaite, to the point where concerned friends turn to the only person they believe can settle Elaine into a respectable married life, mysterious bookseller Mr.

The Marquess and the Maiden Lords of Vice Book 2

Entangled: Scandalous - Harriet wheatley is the mastermind behind the Ladies of Virtue's quest to rehabilitate the gentlemen of the ton. It's obvious harriet longs for any way to take him down a notch. She says she'll help him find a bride, but he knows it's only because it gives her the excuse to chastise his indulgent ways. So he has no choice but to teach the lady a lesson, even if it means risking his heart to the hard-headed and fiery woman.

Each book in the lords of vice series is stANDALONE:* The Scoundrel and the Lady* The Marquess and the Maiden. So when it comes to selecting her own target, she knows who to choose: Oliver Weeks, Marquess of Davenport—the most extravagant wastrel in all of London. Known for his opulent lifestyle, Oliver isn't surprised by Harriet's confrontation.

The Marquess and the Maiden Lords of Vice Book 2 - Oliver has good reason for his flagrant overspending, but Harriet will hear nothing of it.

Anything but a Gentleman Rescued from Ruin Book 8

Elisa Braden - And only one man can provide it. A giant holds all the cards or so he thinksSebastian Reaver has no time for presumptuous women. Now, and he has a few tricks up his sleeve—soul-stealing kisses, unexpected honor, Sebastian wants her total surrender, and electrifying persuasion for the woman he never saw coming.

She must force her sister’s ne’er-do-well betrothed to the altar with all haste—or watch her sister bear the scandalous consequences. But with the blackguard resisting his duty, she needs leverage. A spinster hatches a plan with a smattering of blackmailMiss Augusta Widmore has no time for proprieties.

Anything but a Gentleman Rescued from Ruin Book 8 - Calling his bluff raises the stakes and the heat, but retreat will mean ruin for Augusta. He has a club to run. So, and refuses to leave until he relinquishes them to her, demands a fortune in markers, when a perfect nuisance invades his office, he knows just the thing to send her scurrying back to Hampshire: Exact a price this prim country spinster would never agree to pay.

A fiery battle begins with both sides playing for keepsordinarily, Augusta would never agree to become the mistress of a notorious club owner—whether he’s a lowborn ruffian or the wealthiest man in London or the most intriguing, ill-tempered giant she’s ever encountered … or all three.