A Grand Affair: Part of the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 4

Great God Pan Publishing, Inc - Taking a mission to a remote and isolated planet seemed like a great plan. Who could have predicted that they would be dealing with a controlling husband, an il-licit love affair, and the continuing attacks of the Captain’s brother and shadowy nemesis? Not Rea and her crew! Will they rescue the captive, who just happens to be the Queen? And can they escape the trap that they have landed in?Will they once again survive to follow the trail of their captured crewmate? Or is this the end of their journey? .

Escaping from the dangers that almost overwhelmed them, the crew of the Rossi need-ed a quiet place to regroup.

Draft of Dragons The Federal Witch Book 9

Great God Pan Publishing, Inc - But still another war looms on the horizon. Is america and Earth ready for it? The draconic Empire is making it's move towards earth. They've worked behind the scenes to disrupt any and all that stand before them. But agatha is still alive and she and the Blackmore Coven are prepared. Suspended for political reasons Agatha and her team have returned to her home to rest and recuperate.

Whatever comes through the Garden Gate will trigger a war.

Cut and Run: Part of the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 3

Great God Pan Publishing, Inc - However, she and her ship are there on business, not sightseeing. A dream job…rea has always wanted to visit Mars, and now she is on her way. Not that the rossi needs more challenge and excitement, but the balancing act that their customers force them into adds the spice of danger to the adrenaline rush of adventure as they complete their next job.

The red planet is all that she hoped for and more. And what a business! dealing with both pirates and the Navy at the same time is enough to make anyone stressed. A job that surprises even them, while giving the whole crew things that they all want. Great rewards, risk to make them pause. The problem boils down to one thing.

Cut and Run: Part of the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 3 - Will the crew make it out alive? .

Finish What You Started The Kurtherian Endgame Book 5

LMBPN Publishing - There will be hell to pay across the Universe. Scroll up and download finish WHAT YOU STARTED right now. At least, I don't think so. The queen is BACK. Her hair is white, her grin is nasty, and she's a little pissed. The war is about to get a WHOLE lot bigger. A breakthrough with the etheric has given Bethany Anne an edge—and an opportunity to take the fight to the Ooken.

What is a good queen to do when not-so-good neighbors become royal pains in the ass? Baba Yaga comes out to play. Family drama on devon isn’t the only thing standing in the way of Bethany Anne’s liberation of Moen. A prodigal daughter returns to facilitate bethany anne’s solution to Jean’s production woes, her teenagers are being…teenagers, and there isn’t a place in the universe except for Earth she wants to call home.

Finish What You Started The Kurtherian Endgame Book 5 - Bethany anne’s determination to protect her people has no limits. Go ahead, there isn't a Kurtherian waiting to bite you. At least, none that she recognizes. The kurtherians have played a long game, and taken one too many people from Bethany Anne. Her response when she discovers the lengths the Seven have gone to? Hold an Etheric Storm in her hands and bend it to her will.

Politics Equals Death: Part of the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 2

Great God Pan Publishing, Inc - This next one is supposed to be simple, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Politics can complicate ANYTHING. Rea and the crew of the Rossi are reeling from their last mission. One thing after another goes wrong. Dirty politics and sleazy people get in their way no matter where they turn. Facing injustice and witnessing abuse is just the tip of the iceberg of corruption that they must fight.

Will rea and the rossi get off New Philly in one piece?Or will they be stuck there forever? .

Counter Ops: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure Federal Agents of Magic Book 3

LMBPN Publishing - Special agent diana sheen runs a secret agency……locked squarely in the crosshairs of a magical conspiracy far greater than she’d imagined. The bad guys are seeking artifacts to increase their power, and it feels like they’re leading up to something big. Can she stop them in time?The attacks are getting personal.

Other bureaus have taken heavy losses, and only her team’s magical abilities have kept them from the same fate. That includes a troll uncovering magical do-gooders or an acerbic Drow learning to use her magic. Everything is getting better, including their gear thanks to Kayleigh. But is better good enough? No way to tell, except by putting boot to tail.

Counter Ops: An Urban Fantasy Action Adventure Federal Agents of Magic Book 3 - Magic or mundane, you hurt people in their town, and FAM is gonna bring you down. It’s all in a day’s work at the newest bureau of the Federal Agents of Magic. For a thrilling action-adventure with spells, and just the right amount of snark, hand to hand combat, guns, join the team today!.

No Tech, No Fun: From the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 5

- Escape to freedom or save a friend those are the only two options they have now. New luddington might sound like a fun place but without even the most basic technology they might as well have gone back in time. The crew of the rossi are hiding out on the last place anyone would look for a starship. But even luddites came from somewhere and nothing is ever destroyed as Nicole-the-CATT is about to find out.

New detroit is starting to sound like a good idea until another member of the ship’s crew is kidnapped.

The Girl Behind The Wall The Last Vampire Book 1

LMBPN Publishing - A lot can change in 400 years - and still be a teenager…Put into a deep sleep as a teenager, Victoria has no clue centuries have passed. That is, until she’s accidentally woken up by a father and daughter on a vacation. Cars? cell phones? what’s an instagram? How can Craig and Alexis explain the world?No one said educating a teenage vampire would be easy.

First they have to figure out how to get her back to the United States without anyone figuring out she’s not quite human. Cheerleading tryouts, skilled fighter and fangs?Time to pull some strings, driving lessons, get Vicki to the United States and start her education into modern life as a teenage vampire.

The Girl Behind The Wall The Last Vampire Book 1 - Join vicki, craig, and alexis on a journey that will change their lives - in The Girl Behind the Wall. Public school should be interesting.

Reunited: Part of the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 6

Great God Pan Publishing, Inc - Everything that has happened is coming to a head. Can they save their friend before it is too late? Or will Drake and the mysterious woman succeed in their evil plan? The captain and crew of the Rossi continue their smuggling journey to rescue their friend. Back on new detroit, captain rea and her crew battle against old foes and new as they struggle to find their lost crewmate and friend, Taylor.

Double Cross: Part of the Athena Lee Universe Smuggle Life Book 1

Great God Pan Publishing, Inc - Worth it? they hope so!in a universe fraught with danger and war, what could possibly go wrong? Just about everything. Smuggling isn’t for everyone. A crew member’s been kidnapped and everyone they encounter seems to be their enemy. The crew of the rossi are some of the best smugglers around, able to move almost anything a client could imagine.

Risky? Yes. Only this time, they’ve accepted a job from a mysterious, unknown client. Will captain Dodge and her crew survive their latest mission? .

Forgotten Hope Athena Lee Chronicles Book 11

- Wilson, has mysteriously gone silent, her trusted implanted AI, and could possibly be gone forever. Athena is completely alone. Admiral athena lee has barely had time to enjoy her Olympus Mons Medal of Valor, Mars highest military honor, before she is brutally kidnapped and held captive on board a ship to who-knows-where.

Tortured by clones and threatened with complete memory loss, Athena is at the mercy of her abductors and their pain-amplifier machine. Will her engineering skills be enough this time to escape her fate? Or will Athena actually need some help from her friends this time? .