Apocalypse 2027: Antichrist Unmasked: Scriptural Case for the Global Antichrist

Blood moons that brought nothing. Ten horns that seem neither to be ten countries of the failing European Union nor ten Islamic nations. Those who are unaware will have little time to react when these series of final events are set in motion. There is no "secret" mystery left today that has not yet been made visible to this generation.

Yet 1900 years after john, the code of the Antichrist is finally clear and as failed ideologies of the recent past entice the younger generation through great deception, Nimrod is rising once again. Learn this and much, mystery babylon and more, much more - Updated meanings of the Beast, Two-horned lamb, Seven Kings, in this simple yet groundbreaking book.

The goal of this regime to fundamentally and irreversibly change human nature through government action how fake news will be the only news just before the return of christ how the antichrist will finally make peace between Israel and the Arabs and WHY this will have to happen, inevitably!New meaning in the prophecies of Isaiah and how Psalm 83 aligns perfectly with his prophecies of the changes surrounding the end times Why Mystery Babylon and the Headquarters of the Beast are the same TWO cities in a future alliance as in the 1st century, from prophecies of Jeremiah and JohnYou will also see how the Apocalypse or "uncovering" will unfold through a new yet doomed-to-fail system of global government and two world-changing technologies not fully here yet, that will be used to forcibly control human behavior.

But the main question is - Will you be ready ? Shemitah years that have long passed. Real history you can verify for yourself will convince you that the things that are to come, before the Second Coming, are already here. The symbols of daniel's and John's visions are no longer a mystery but hide in plain sight today.

Racing Toward Armageddon: Why Advanced Technology Signals the End Times

Find out what the Bible says. Did you know breakthrough technologies will soon lead to the fulfillment of hundreds of ancient bible prophecies concerning the end times, and the Second Coming of Jesus? In Racing Toward Armageddon, you’ll learn:•Why global government is inevitable•Why the world will worship the Antichrist•Why a new movement promises to transform the human race•And why an overlooked prophecy is the key to understanding the end timesFor years, the Antichrist, world leaders have warned we’re on the verge of Armageddon.

Learn why our generation is unique in all of human history. Most of all, find out why modern technology will soon lead to the most epic battle of all time – the Battle of Armageddon.

Signs Of The Second Coming: 11 Reasons Jesus Will Return in Our Lifetime

Signs such as:• the jewish people back in the land of israel• the jewish people back in control of jerusalem• and the worldwide spread of the GospelMore importantly, you’ll learn that almost all of the signs the prophets said to look for are present right now… Could ours be the generation of His return? Study the signs for yourself and decide if our generation is destined to witness one of the greatest events in all of history – the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

. Did you know the bible contains more prophecies about the Second Coming of Jesus than it does the First? In fact, the Bible says specific signs will appear prior to His return, and Jesus Himself commanded us to look for those signs. In signs of the second coming, jesus, you’ll learn about the signs Moses, and the Old Testament prophets said to look for.


Daniel's Prophecies Unsealed: Understanding the Time of the End

Today, those who are wise will be passionately sharing this message and helping others prepare. Previously#1 new release bestseller in christian old testament commentaries and theological eschatology in the latest timely analysis of daniel's five supernatural visions the reader will:            ·       discover the destiny of america ·       learn the four cases of the abomination of desolation described by Daniel ·       Find out where the False Prophet will come from ·       Realize where the Psalm 83 nations fit into the end times ·       Understand the true meaning of the 70 weeks of Daniel ·       Detect where Daniel alludes to two Raptures "Go your way Daniel, because the words are closed up and sealed until the time of the end.

. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand. Daniel 12:9-10 the archangel michael*** told Daniel that the prophecies would be sealed until the time of the end. When jesus came the first time, the wise men of the day were aware of His soon arrival and they were actively looking for Him.

. Discover how the prophecies in the book of Daniel are being unsealed in the events taking place today. Since daniel was told that the wise will understand the message and lead many to righteousness, while the wicked will not grasp its meaning and will continue in their wickedness, it is imperative for everyone living in these end times to diligently examine and attempt to comprehend the vital message Daniel has recorded for us.

Those doing so will "shine like the stars forever and ever.

The Next Prophecies

The next prophecies is the sequel to the NOW PROPHECIES book. The next prophecies will happen soon after the now prophecies and the stage is presently being set for their fulfillment!the next prophecies include:•the ezekiel 38, allah loses his akbar, •the rise of the antichrist, the 4-horsemen of the apocalypse, •world wars, •The Opening of the Seal Judgments, •The Revealing of Mystery Babylon, •The False Covenant that triggers the Tribulation Period, The Lawless One, •The Pre-Tribulation Time-Gap Mystery, •Christian Martyrdom, •Satanic Supernatural Deception, “Gog of Magog” invasion, •The Decline of Islam, The Harlot World Religion, Super-Signs and Lying-Wonders, Famines and Pestilences, The Fifth Seal Saints, •The Two Mysterious Witnesses of Revelation.

The next prophecies book prepares the reader for powerful future world events! Don’t get LEFT BEHIND to face The NEXT PROPHECIES! The next prophecies is book two of a trilogy that attempts to chronologically order the prophetic events of the end times.

Decoding the Antichrist and the End Times: What the Bible Says and What the Future Holds

Many people have made preposterous claims, and of course, they have been wrong. This book will help you know the big picture of what has happened historically, what is unfolding this very moment, and what the future holds concerning the Antichrist based on the unfolding purposes of God. Will the real antichrist please stand up?For the last two thousand years people have been anxiously trying to analyze who the Antichrist might be and when he might be revealed.

. If you’re not careful, you can get caught up in the debate and spend so much time arguing with other Christians over the details that you don’t accomplish anything for the kingdom!  To make matters worse, we have the possibility of an artificial intelligence Antichrist, we now live in an era when, for the first time, a human computer hybrid that will demand to be worshipped.

Have you ever wondered if it’s ok to have alexa, siri, and other forms of  artificial intelligence in your home? We know that the Bible says great deception is coming, so what is a concerned believer to do?Author and minister Mark Biltz wants you to understand the methods of the Antichrist so you won’t be deceived.


The Rabbis, Donald Trump, and the Top-Secret Plan to Build the Third Temple: : Unveiling the Incendiary Scheme by Religious Authorities, Government Agents, and Jewish Rabbis to Invoke Messiah

Randall price, the world has heard warning that there is a coming a day when the Man of Sin, World of the BibleFor thousands of years, the Antichrist, will arise to pilot the greatest deception in human history. Whereas almost anyone alive today can discuss the dictatorial global economics, and eventual apocalypse that follows his arrival, societal horrors, few appear to comprehend that there are negotiations in the workings at this precise moment to build the very location where the abomination of desolation will stand in the holy place.

Is a secret plan under development for construction of the third temple? and as these plans are increasingly expedited, the rabbis, only to usher in the end of days?in the rabbis, and a behind-the scenes scheme to erect the third temple•the role trump’s orthodox jewish son-in-law, you will learn:•the connection between donald trump, jared kushner is playing with Saudi Arabia with plans to control the Temple Mount•How Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capitol and his moving the US Embassy there sent a powerful signal to Third Temple advocates•The controversy over the Temple Mount location and why the spot on which the Third Temple will be built will soon be unveiled•What the “Abomination of Desolation” is and what the globe’s most powerful political personalities have to say about its future appearance on holy ground•How recent archeological site metal-detector scans near the Qumran Caves point to the discovery of ancient Temple treasures including the Ark of the Covenant, and how that relates to the building of the Third Temple•The mystery of the Copper Scroll and what it disclosed•Events involving Trump and other world leaders as the building of the Third Temple is underway, and the obvious end-times signals these events raise•What is to take place when the Temple is constructed, and the Top-Secret Plan to Build the Third Temple, will Trump succeed in raising this landmark, Donald Trump, then desecrated .

This, as the book of Daniel prophesied, will be the catalyst event. The beginning of the end. Many believe that president trump is israel’s next king cyrus—the facilitator and overseer of the building of the Third Temple—and that his influential role in that pursuit is being guided by Hashem God, Himself, in order to restore to His people the most sacred site of worship.

Recent developments have taken place that contribute to the Temple Movement’s goals and the realization of the rebuilding of the Temple in our lifetime.

Trump, 2019, and Beyond

The body of christ must be prepared for the days ahead and the dreams, visions, and encounters inside these pages will do just that. Prophetic perspective concerning the Middle East, Australia, Israel, and the United States are all covered inside these pages. Now is the time to seek the face of God like never before!

In his riveting new book, jeremiah johnson shares in detail for the very first time the prophetic dreams, visions, and encounters that God has given him dating back to President Obama's second term in 2012 all the way to the present and the years ahead. If you are searching for accurate, the messages from heaven contained in this book will give leaders, specific, and revelatory prophecy, saints, and intercessors a clear prayer agenda and tangible burden from God.


Bible Prophecy & Trump: Daniel Chapter 8 A Goat Stubborn King of the West will Attack Iran Persia making His Nation "Very Great" in End Times Then the ... Occurs Over 150 End Time Prophecies

Bush under his motto “stay the course” initiated an unprovoked attack on Iraq in a war named “Iraqi Freedom” leading to its dictator king according to Daniel Saddam Hussein being toppled in death in 2003. The world is uneasy at the United States’ election of Donald Trump as its forty-fifth president.

. Open a king james bible and read daniel chapter 8 with a dictionary and you cannot help but see that he is the prophesied king of the west who “at the time of the end” will fulfill the prophecy in making his nation “very great. Daniel 8:9 televangelists are failing to inform their audiences of this prophecy that once served to predict the rise of Alexander the Great, as a mighty western Grecian king, who would conquer the Mideast; that no one could withstand.

Presently, in 2017, this war still endures, because Daniel predicted that the West’s attack near the territory of Media conquered by Alexander must also topple Persia’sIran’s leader. Daniel prophesied that “at the time of the end” a king of the west will trample the leaders of Iraq and Iran into the dust.

2 irascible marked by a hot temper and easily provoked to anger. Oxford dictionary defines “being moved with choler” as “a peevish temperament easily provoked to anger. Daniel forecast that “at the time of the end” this king of the west will “be moved with choler” with his ire stirred against Persia, called Iran since 1936 Daniel 8:5.

This was the first stage of Daniel’s prophecy. The first portion of daniel eight is in parable form describing the western leader as launching an air attack as a “he goat” whose “feet touched not the ground” as it tackled “the ram having two horns.

Trumpocalypse: The End-Times President, a Battle Against the Globalist Elite, and the Countdown to Armageddon Babylon Code

But is the media telling us the truth?no, say internationally-recognized prophecy expert and Fox News and History Channel commentator Paul McGuire and Pulitzer Prize-nominated investigative journalist Troy Anderson. Using documentation gleaned from years of journalistic investigation and extensive interviews with over fifty of the world's most respected geopolitical, and biblical scholars, faith leaders, international banking, education, McGuire and Anderson unmask these elites as members of secret societies with deep occult connections who have gained control of America's dominant institutions-government, economic and military affairs experts, entertainment, and even the media.

Trumpocalypse explores the enigmatic prophecies and "biblical codes" involving trump, and asks whether God raised up President Trump as a fearless leader to guide America and the free world through a series of major crises as the biblical end-time narrative unfolds, as many people with prophetic gifts are predicting, and shows why everyday Americans and evangelicals have rallied around Trump as their last hope of saving America and averting the horrors of the Apocalypse.

From the authors of the international bestseller the babylon code comes an explosive exposé of the chilling truth about the fierce opposition to the Trump presidency, and why the globalist elite and Deep State will stop at nothing-assassination, military coup, staged economic collapse, or worse-to overthrow him.

Trumpocalypse!" it's the media-coined meme inciting panic and fear that America has elected an unstable man who will barge into delicate international affairs like a bull in a china shop and incite nations bent on America's destruction to trigger World War III-an unprecedented nuclear apocalypse ending the world as we know it.

It further reveals why trump and millions of "deplorables" are fighting to stop the hidden agenda of the Establishment, and how the perplexing chaos enveloping the planet could paradoxically signal the beginning of the great end-times awakening that millions are praying for. Here is an invitation to join the anti-establishment surge-what evangelist Franklin Graham calls "the Christian revolution"-and discover how to fulfill your own destiny in the run-up to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

America's most insidious enemies are not hostile nations; they are elite globalists-the "Establishment" that is making the "1 percent" even richer while working- and middle-class people watch their incomes and net worth's flatline or plummet.

These Final Days, Part 2: The Truth about How the Great Tribulation Begins, the Third Temple, and Jerusalem

Supported by speakman’s multiple visits to the holy land, old testament and New, These Final Days, reader-friendly—and often unconventional—analysis of the Bible’s many scriptures, Part 2 has been meticulously researched and provides a sober, that foretell the final days of this present world.

Whether you are a believer or a curious skeptic, this book will provide many surprising insights into the Biblical prophecies surrounding humankind’s ultimate fate. What worldwide cataclysmic event will mark the start of the great tribulation? hint: if you have to ask if the tribulation has begun, 000 years of human history inexplicably and serendipitously or, by the Hand of God brought us to where we are today--the End Times, more accurately, these final days?Inspired by a lifetime of study of mankind’s ultimate destiny, it hasn't yet!! Will the Dome of the Rock on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem be replaced by a Third Jewish Temple? How have the events and processes of the last 2, author Ryan Speakman presents the second installment in his unprecedentedly comprehensive study of the Last Days.

Think you know what the Bible really says about the last of the Last Days? Think again. Christian eschatology, or the study of the fate of humankind as revealed in the Bible, is a wide-ranging topic full of controversial interpretations and opinions.