In the Darkroom

Metropolitan Books - The project began with a grievance, the grievance of a daughter whose parent had absconded from her life. Faludi’s struggle to come to grips with her father’s metamorphosis takes her across borders―historical, sexual--to bring her face to face with the question of the age: Is identity something you “choose, political, religious, ” or is it the very thing you can’t escape? Metropolitan Books.

I was in pursuit of a scofflaw, an artful dodger who had skipped out on so many things―obligation, culpability, affection, contrition. Pulitzer prize finalistone of the new york times book review's 10 best books of the yearwinner of the kirkus prizefrom the pulitzer prize-winning journalist and bestselling author of Backlash, comes In the Darkroom, an astonishing confrontation with the enigma of her father and the larger riddle of identity consuming our age.

In the Darkroom - In the summer of 2004 i set out to investigate someone I scarcely knew, my father. When the feminist writer learned that her 76-year-old father―long estranged and living in Hungary―had undergone sex reassignment surgery, that investigation would turn personal and urgent. How was this new parent who identified as “a complete woman now” connected to the silent, alpine mountaineer, explosive, and ultimately violent father she had known, swashbuckling adventurer in the Amazon outback, the photographer who’d built his career on the alteration of images? Faludi chases that mystery into the recesses of her suburban childhood and her father’s many previous incarnations: American dad, Jewish fugitive in Holocaust Budapest.

I was preparing an indictment, amassing discovery for a trial. The search for identity that has transfixed our century was proving as treacherous for nations as for individuals. But somewhere along the line, the prosecutor became a witness.

Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America's Heartland

Basic Books - Interviewing a range of everyday americans, he examines how racial resentment has fueled progun laws in Missouri, resistance to the Affordable Care Act in Tennessee, and cuts to schools and social services in Kansas. And he shows these policies' costs: increasing deaths by gun suicide, falling life expectancies, and rising dropout rates.

A physician reveals how right-wing backlash policies have mortal consequences -- even for the white voters they promise to helpNamed one of the most anticipated books of 2019 by Esquire and the Boston GlobeIn the era of Donald Trump, many lower- and middle-class white Americans are drawn to politicians who pledge to make their lives great again.

Dying of Whiteness: How the Politics of Racial Resentment Is Killing America's Heartland - Metzl's quest to understand the health implications of "backlash governance" leads him across America's heartland. White americans, metzl argues, must reject the racial hierarchies that promise to aid them but in fact lead our nation to demise. But as dying of whiteness shows, the policies that result actually place white Americans at ever-greater risk of sickness and death.

Physician Jonathan M.

Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel

Scribner - He doesn’t lack in fathers to study, chief among them his Black grandfather, Pop. Jojo is thirteen years old and trying to understand what it means to be a man. She wants to be a better mother but can’t put her children above her own needs, especially her drug use. He too has something to teach Jojo about fathers and sons, about violence, about legacies, about love.

. She is black and her children’s father is White. Winner of the national book award for fiction *a time magazine best novel of the year and a new york times top 10 of 2017 *finalist for the kirkus prize *finalist for the andrew carnegie medal *finalist for the aspen words literary prize *publishers Weekly Top 10 of 2017 *Finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award “The heart of Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Sing is story—the yearning for a narrative to help us understand ourselves, the pain of the gaps we’ll never fill, Unburied, the truths that are failed by words and must be translated through ritual and song.

. Ward’s writing throbs with life, grief, and love, and this book is the kind that makes you ache to return to it. Buzzfeedin jesmyn ward’s first novel since her National Book Award–winning Salvage the Bones, this singular American writer brings the archetypal road novel into rural twenty-first-century America.

Sing, Unburied, Sing: A Novel - Rich with ward’s distinctive, Sing, lyrical language, Unburied, Sing is a majestic new work and an unforgettable family story. But there are other men who complicate his understanding: his absent White father, Big Joseph, who won’t acknowledge his existence; and the memories of his dead uncle, who is being released from prison; his absent White grandfather, Given, Michael, who died as a teenager.

Country of My Skull: Guilt, Sorrow, and the Limits of Forgiveness in the New South Africa

Broadway Books - Amnesty was granted to those who offered a full confession of any crimes associated with apartheid. The dreaded and dangerous security force, and harassed people of color and their white supporters, spied upon, which for years had systematically tortured, was dismantled. In one of the most miraculous events of the century, the oppressive system of apartheid was dismantled.

. The country, which had been carved into a crazy quilt that reserved the most prosperous areas for whites and the most desolate and backward for blacks, was reunited. Repressive laws mandating separation of the races were thrown out. In this book, a south african journalist and poet who has covered the work of the commission, recounts the drama, the horrors, Antjie Krog, the wrenching personal stories of the victims and their families.

Botha's extraordinary courthouse press conference, this award-winning poet leads us on an amazing journey. Country of my skull captures the complexity of the Truth Commission's work. Through the testimonies of victims of abuse and violence, from the appearance of Winnie Mandela to former South African president P.

Country of My Skull: Guilt, Sorrow, and the Limits of Forgiveness in the New South Africa - W. But how could this country--one of spectacular beauty and promise--come to terms with its ugly past? How could its people, live side by side as friends and neighbors?To begin the healing process, whom the oppressive white government had pitted against one another, Nelson Mandela created the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, headed by the renowned cleric Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Ever since nelson mandela dramatically walked out of prison in 1990 after twenty-seven years behind bars, South Africa has been undergoing a radical transformation.

The Sellout: A Novel

Picador - It challenges the sacred tenets of the united States Constitution, the father-son relationship, the civil rights movement, urban life, and the holy grail of racial equality―the black Chinese restaurant. Born in the "agrarian ghetto" of dickens―on the southern outskirts of los angeles―the narrator of The Sellout resigns himself to the fate of lower-middle-class Californians: "I'd die in the same bedroom I'd grown up in, looking up at the cracks in the stucco ceiling that've been there since '68 quake.

Raised by a single father, a controversial sociologist, he spent his childhood as the subject in racially charged psychological studies. Enlisting the help of the town's most famous resident―the last surviving Little Rascal, Hominy Jenkins―he initiates the most outrageous action conceivable: reinstating slavery and segregating the local high school, which lands him in the Supreme Court.

The Sellout: A Novel - Used book in Good Condition. Picador USA. All that's left is the bill for a drive-thru funeral. Fueled by this deceit and the general disrepair of his hometown, the narrator sets out to right another wrong: Dickens has literally been removed from the map to save California from further embarrassment. He is led to believe that his father's pioneering work will result in a memoir that will solve his family's financial woes.

Winner of the man booker prizewinner of the national book critics circle award in fictionwinner of the john dos passos prize for literaturenew york times bestsellerlos angeles times bestseller Named One of the 10 Best Books of the Year by The New York Times Book ReviewNamed a Best Book of the Year by Newsweek, Kirkus Reviews, BuzzFeed, and Publishers WeeklyNamed a "Must-Read" by Flavorwire and New York Magazine's "Vulture" BlogA biting satire about a young man's isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court, The Denver Post, Paul Beatty's The Sellout showcases a comic genius at the top of his game.

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love

Knopf - She woke up one morning and her entire history--the life she had lived--crumbled beneath her. It is a book about the extraordinary moment we live in--a moment in which science and technology have outpaced not only medical ethics but also the capacities of the human heart to contend with the consequences of what we discover.

Inheritance is a book about secrets--secrets within families, kept out of shame or self-protectiveness; secrets we keep from one another in the name of love. Used book in Good Condition. It is the story of a woman's urgent quest to unlock the story of her own identity, a story that has been scrupulously hidden from her for more than fifty years, and compulsively, years she had spent writing brilliantly, on themes of identity and family history.

New york times bestseller “a gripping genetic detective story, and a meditation on the meaning of parenthood and family. Jennifer egan, novelist—“a writer of rare talent” cheryl strayed— and  host of the hit podcast Family Secrets, author of Manhattan Beach    From the acclaimed, comes a memoir about the staggering family secret uncovered by a genealogy test: an exploration of the urgent ethical questions surrounding fertility treatments and DNA testing, best-selling memoirist, and a profound inquiry of paternity, identity, and love.

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love - What makes us who we are? what combination of memory, and that ineffable thing called the soul defines us?      In the spring of 2016, through a genealogy website to which she had whimsically submitted her DNA for analysis, history, biology, experience, Dani Shapiro received the stunning news that her father was not her biological father.

Picador USA.

White Houses: A Novel

Random House - For readers of the paris wife and the swans of fifth avenue comes a “sensuous, captivating account of a forbidden affair between two women” People—Eleanor Roosevelt and “first friend” Lorena Hickok. Named one of the best books of the year by financial times • san francisco chronicle • new york public library • Refinery29 • Real Simple Lorena Hickok meets Eleanor Roosevelt in 1932 while reporting on Franklin Roosevelt’s first presidential campaign.

Bloom—interweaving fact and fancy—lavishes attention on Hickok, bringing Hick, the novel’s narrator and true subject, to radiant life. O: the oprah Magazine“Radiant. And she does it brilliantly. Entertainment Weekly Used book in Good Condition. Picador USA. An indelible love story, age, one propelled not by unlined youth and beauty but by the kind of soul-mate connection even distance, and impossible circumstances couldn’t dim .

White Houses: A Novel - But then, as her connection with the future first lady deepens into intimacy, what begins as a powerful passion matures into a lasting love, and a life that Hick never expected to have. Through it all, even as hick’s bond with eleanor is tested by forces both extraordinary and common, and as she grows as a woman and a writer, she never loses sight of the love of her life.

From washington, D. C.

Nightfather: A Novel

Persea - The legacy of the holocaust is passed on to a young girl through her father's stories in this celebrated novel. In a moving afterword, the author sets the historical context for the novel and speaks directly about her own father, upon whom the novel is based. An extraordinary novel written with passion, lucidity, and restraint" The Forward.

Although she lives in the everyday world of school and friends, death, a daughter is compelled by love to enter her father's harrowing world of hunger, and survival in the concentration camp. Used book in Good Condition. Picador USA. When i was in the camp, " her father's stories always begin.

The Vegetarian: A Novel

Hogarth - Used book in Good Condition. As her husband, her brother-in-law and sister each fight to reassert their control, Yeong-hye obsessively defends the choice that’s become sacred to her. Winner of the 2016 man booker international prize named one of the best books of the year by the new york times book review • publisher's weekly •  buzzfeed •  entertainment Weekly •  Time •  Wall Street Journal •  Bustle •  Elle •  The Economist •  Slate •  The Huffington Post • The St.

Hogarth Pr. Louis dispatch •  electric literature featured in the new york times selection of "15 remarkable books by women that are shaping the way we read and write fiction in the 21st century"  A beautiful, violence and eroticism, Yeong-hye and her husband lived an ordinary, unsettling novel about rebellion and taboo, and the twisting metamorphosis of a soul   Before the nightmares began, controlled life.

The Vegetarian: A Novel - Picador USA. It’s a small act of independence, but it interrupts her marriage and sets into motion an increasingly grotesque chain of events at home. But the dreams—invasive images of blood and brutality—torture her, driving Yeong-hye to purge her mind and renounce eating meat altogether. Soon their attempts turn desperate, and then her body, subjecting first her mind, bizarre estrangement, sending Yeong-hye spiraling into a dangerous, not only from those closest to her, to ever more intrusive and perverse violations, but also from herself.

Celebrated by critics around the world, kafka-esque tale of power, obsession,  The Vegetarian is a darkly allegorical, and one woman’s struggle to break free from the violence both without and within her.

The Kiss: A Memoir

Random House - In this extraordinary memoir, twenty years old, one of the best young writers in America today transforms into a work of art the darkest passage imaginable in a young woman's life: an obsessive love affair between father and daughter that began when Kathryn Harrison, was reunited with a parent whose absence had haunted her youth.

Exquisitely and hypnotically written, like a bold and terrifying dream, The Kiss is breathtaking in its honesty and in the power and beauty of its creation. A story both of taboo and of family complicity in breaking taboo, The Kiss is also about love -- about the most primal of love triangles, the one that ensnares a child between mother and father.

The Kiss: A Memoir - Picador USA. Hogarth Pr. Used book in Good Condition.

Auschwitz and After

Yale University Press - Used book in Good Condition. Hogarth Pr. Picador USA. Now available in english in its entirety for the first time, poems, this book includes vignettes, heroism, and prose poems that speak eloquently of horror, and conscience. This unique and profoundly moving memoir of life in the concentration camps and afterward was written by a French female resistance leader, a non-Jew who became an important literary figure in post-war France.