Norelco Philips Reflex Action/Reflex Plus Head Retainer

Philips Norelco NR-422203615390-RT - Fits all norelco reflex action & reflex plus models including 5887xl, 5845xl, 5886xl, 6618x, 5862xl, 6853xl, 5426lc, 5625x, 6423lc, hq6640, 6940lc, 5801xl, 6844xl, 5817xl, 5603x, 5865xl, 5810xl, 5811xl, 5885xl, 6615x, 6614x, 5821xl, 5825xl, 6613x, 6616x, 5848xl, 5855xl, 5849xl, 6424lc, 5606x, 5814xl, 5604x, 5601x, 6863xl, 5863xl, 5812xl, 5885xld, 5864xl, 6617x, 5841xl, 5602x, 6843XL, hq6920, 5818xl, 5822xl, 5842xl, 5886xld, 5699xl,, 5605x, 6856xl, 6945xl, 5867xl, 5861xl, 5803xl, hq6970, 5802xl, HQ6990.

Norelco Philips Reflex Plus Shaver Head Holder

Philips Norelco NR-422203615360-HF - Fits models: 5426lc, 6616x, hq6842, hq6423, hq6445, 6853xl, hq6863, hq6920, hq6940,, hq6879, 6863xl, hq6605, hq6843, hq6831, hq6868, hq6853, 6618x, 6843xl, 6617x, 6424lc, hq6970, 6423lc, hq6613, 6856xl, hq6849, 6615x, 6940lc, hq6859, 6844xl, hq6415, hq6405, 6614x, 6945xl, hq6874, 6613x, HQ6990. Color may vary.

Generic Replacement Shaver Heads for Philips Norelco HQ5

USonline911 B001IA0PCY - Fits norelco models: q-one, 5862xl, 5810xl, 5885xl, 5861xl, 5802xl, 5845xl, 5841xl, 5821xl, 5822xl, 5863xl, 5699xl, 5818xl, 5811xl, 5605x, 5602x, 5855xl, 5886xl, 5864xl, 5603x, 5887xl, 5817xl, 5848xl, 5865xl, 5825xl, 5606x, 5849xl, 5803xl, 5604x, 5885xld, 5814xl, 5886xld, 5867xl, 5801xl, 5842xl, 5601X.

Fits philips models: hq5401, hq5865, hq5605, hq5601, hq5861, hq5699, hq5886, hq5802, hq5830, hq5841, hq5806, hq5815, hq5853, hq5801, hq5845, hq5851, hq5810, hq5855, hq5847, hq5854, hq5826, hq5603, hq5821, hq5421, hq5461, hq5870, hq5825, hq5856, hq5425, hq5602, hq5848, hq5465, hq5849, hq5818, hq5866, hq5885, hq5842, hq5814, hq5811, hq5816, hq5850, hq5819, hq5846, HQ5890.

Generic Replacement Shaver Heads for Philips Norelco HQ5 - This item not made by Philips/Norelco. This item not made by philips/norelco fits models: 5426lc, 6853xl, hq6859, hq6423, hq6605,, hq6445, hq6868, 6618x, hq6970, 6423lc, hq6405, 6424lc, 6844xl, hq6874, hq6842, 6843xl, 6863xl, 6615x, hq6415, 6617x, 6856xl, hq6613, 6613x, 6614x, hq6831, hq6920, 6616x, hq6879, hq6853, hq6843, hq6863, hq6940, 6945xl, 6940lc, hq6849, HQ6990.

Color may vary.

.07 oz - Philips Norelco Electric Razor Replacement Heads

Norelco HQ56/52 - Keep a close shave - Change heads every 12 months for best results. Dual blade system of your Philips shaver: first blade lifts, second blade cuts for a comfortable close shave. Repacement blade specifically for: hq69xx, at620 shaver series 1000 and also compatible with Philips Norelco models: 31DB, 6613, 6424LC, 6423, 6863, 6843, 69xx, 6853, 6900 series.

Product includes only 3 replacement heads. Philips norelco electric shaver replacement heads for reflex plus and micro action electric shavers. Fits models: 5426lc, hq6843, hq6940, hq6868, hq6874, 6856xl, 6614x, hq6849, 6617x, hq6842, 6618x, hq6405, 6423lc, hq6853, hq6859, hq6879, hq6970, 6863xl, 6853xl, 6616x, 6615x, 6945xl, hq6423, hq6831, 6940lc,, hq6863, hq6920, hq6613, hq6445, hq6415, 6843xl, 6613x, 6424lc, 6844xl, hq6605, HQ6990.

.07 oz - Philips Norelco Electric Razor Replacement Heads - Color may vary. Fits norelco models: q-one, 5845xl, 5861xl, 5814xl, 5802xl, 5863xl, 5885xl, 5602x, 5849xl, 5848xl, 5864xl, 5885xld, 5605x, 5865xl, 5867xl, 5822xl, 5818xl, 5862xl, 5855xl, 5886xld, 5803xl, 5887xl, 5810xl, 5606x, 5603x, 5842xl, 5801xl, 5604x, 5825xl, 5699XL, 5817xl, 5886xl, 5841xl, 5821xl, 5811xl, 5601X.

Fits philips models: hq5401, hq5853, hq5855, hq5819, hq5851, hq5826, hq5854, hq5815, hq5866, hq5825, hq5850, hq5848, hq5861, hq5841, hq5865, hq5806, hq5856, hq5830, hq5886, hq5814, hq5816, hq5847, hq5465, hq5605, hq5821, hq5602, hq5849, hq5810, hq5801, hq5802, hq5461, hq5845, hq5846, hq5818, hq5699, hq5601, hq5811, hq5603, hq5425, hq5870, hq5885, hq5421, hq5842, HQ5890.

This item not made by Philips/Norelco.