Obsessed Everyday Heroes Book 2

- Arson. Murder. When a stalker ruthlessly targets people she loves, a woman flees her old life, creating a new identity as Serena Remington. With nowhere else to run, her only choice is war. Another romantic suspense from USA Today Bestselling Author, Margaret DaleyStalker. Now he's back. Her plan to escape the madman and lead him away from family and friends worked for three years.

Quinn taylor, comes to her aid, her neighbor and a firefighter with expertise in arson, but will it be in time to save her? .

Trapped Everyday Heroes Book 3

- He's finally piecing his life back together when his ex-fiancée needs his help. The puzzling situation turns potentially deadly when intruders storm the house. With help from brock carrington, her ex-fiancé and an ex-Marine, Sadie narrowly escapes. Brock is an injured veteran dealing with PTSD. Cornered. Murder.

Sadie williams receives a cryptic and terrifying call from her scared sister. Second Chances. But when sadie arrives at her identical twin’s home, there's no sign of Katie, only evidence of a quick flight. Can brock reignite their relationship and find her missing twin before they're both killed? .

Hunted Everyday Heroes Book 1

Margaret Daley - As a canine search and rescue volunteer, Luke has assisted many victims, but never a beauty whose defeated gaze ignites his primal urge to protect. Second Chances. Luke michaels' relaxing camping trip ends when he witnesses a woman being thrown from a bridge. A new romantic suspense series by USA Today Bestselling Author Margaret DaleyMurder.

He dives into the river to save her, shocked to find her wrapped in chains. When megan witherspoon's killers make it clear they won't stop, Luke fights to save her, but can he keep her alive long enough to find out who is after her? On the Run.

Kidnapped Everyday Heroes Book 4

- Abduction. When k9 police officer, returns to his hometown after years of staying away, Colby Parker, he finally must face his feelings concerning the murder of his fiancée. Circumstances throw beth and Colby together when a person leaves bombs in different public places around Cimarron City. But can it last, especially when Beth is kidnapped?

Death. They both have given up on love, but caught up in the dangerous situation, the pair find themselves falling in love. Second chances. When beth sherman interrupts a break-in at her house, her life changes drastically.

Into the Darkness Daring Escapes Book 1

- Murder. Dead? kate collier refuses to believe her brother and last remaining family member died in the Brazilian rainforest. The last thing he needs is to fight his way through an impassable jungle for a woman who wouldn’t know a stick from a snake. Slader’s past is as dark and turbulent as the Amazon. Only when he narrowly rescues her from an attack before she’s even left the relative safety of the town does he realize that without his help, she’ll get herself killed.

Consumed with his own problems, when Kate tries hiring him to find her no-doubt deceased brother, he turns her down cold. Adventure. Betrayal. Together, they begin a perilous journey that will test the limits of their faith and each other…. A. C. Determined to find the missing biochemist, she launches an expedition to find him.

Deadly Noel Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Book 5

- When new evidence was brought forth, his conviction was overturned, and Gabriel returned home to his ranch to put his life back together. Although gabriel is free, the murderer of his wife is still out there and resumes killing women. Kira davis put the wrong man in prison. Kept me guessing. Amazon reviewerOver 110 five star reviews for the series.

Now she has to catch the real killer before he kills her. Another romantic suspense story from Margaret Daley, USA Today Bestselling Author. Assistant da, convicted the wrong man—Gabriel Michaels, Kira Davis, a single dad with a young daughter. In a desperate alliance, Kira and Gabriel join forces to find the true identity of the person terrorizing their town.

Deadly Noel Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Book 5 - Will they be able to forgive the past and find the killer before it’s too late?What the readers are saying about the Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Series:"I couldn't put it down. Amazon reviewer"excited to read more from this series!" Amazon reviewer"I love the depth she gives to her characters.

Amazon reviewer"Great book.

Dead End: Truth Seekers Book 3

Edge of Your Seat Books, Inc. - But when results prove it is physically impossible for her father to be her biological father, her family finally confesses their long-held secret. But as sierra’s desperate search for the truth unearths long-buried secrets and she runs into dead end after dead end, she ignites a killer’s fury, and suddenly her own life is on the line.

Evaluating trace evidence is her job…when sierra Byrd’s father needs a kidney transplant, despite her parents’ protest claiming they could never ask for her help, Sierra insists on being tested for the transplant. Her father is wanted for embezzling money from the properties he manages. The man she’d come to know as father is named on her birth certificate, but he truly isn’t her father.

Dead End: Truth Seekers Book 3 - But the job just turned personal. Shocked and hurt, sierra goes in search of her biological father in the small coastal town where he owns a property management business. But when she arrives in town to find her father has recently disappeared, and she starts asking questions, FBI Agent Reed Rice delivers her second shock in as many days.

. She was conceived in an affair her mother had the summer before her parents’ wedding. Despite the evidence staring her in the face, Sierra holds out hope that her father isn’t the criminal that Reed believes him to be.

Deadly Intent Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Book 2

- Can sarah protect Ian and her heart? But fifteen years later, an ex-FBI agent, Ian, has someone targeting him, and she's assigned to the case. Texas ranger sarah osborn thought she would never see her high school sweetheart, Ian O'Leary, again.

Into the Fire Daring Escapes Book 2

- But will stunning revelations tear Maggie and Kane apart? Murder. Betrayal. Needing answers to lifelong questions, without revealing her true identity, Maggie moves into the apartment across from her mom. Kane mcdowell, who owns the apartment building and lives there, a disabled veteran, has struggled to deal with his injury.

He is protective of the people he cares about and that includes Maggie’s birth mother, her husband and two children. As maggie and kane’s relationship grows, she is the victim of several burglaries, possibly tied to a man who was murdered in her apartment before she lived there. Redemption. After years searching for her birth mother, an anonymous tip leads Maggie Ridgeway to her long-lost family.

Into the Fire Daring Escapes Book 2 - Kane comes to her rescue and vows to protect her.

Deadly Holiday Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Book 3

- From amazon bestselling author margaret daley, but when the dead victim disappears from the scene, a new romantic suspense Deadly Holiday:Tory Caldwell witnesses a hit-and-run, police doubt a crime has been committed. Tory is threatened when she keeps insisting she saw a man killed and the only one who believes her is her neighbor, Jordan Steele.

Together, can they solve the mystery of the disappearing body and stay alive? .

Deadly Dose Strong Women, Extraordinary Situations Book 6

- The last man she wanted to come to her aid was Josh Morgan, who had been instrumental in her brother going to prison. Redemption. Will jessie and josh find the killer? love? or will one of them fall victim to a deadly dose?strong women, Extraordinary Situations books:Deadly Hunt—Book 1Deadly Intent—Book 2Deadly Holiday—Book 3Deadly Countdown—Book 4Deadly Noel—Book 5Deadly Legacy—Book 7.

Jessie’s questions lead to an attempt on her life. Drugs. Together they uncover a drug ring that puts them both in danger. Murder. From usa today bestselling author, is another romantic suspense from her series Strong Women, Margaret Daley, Extraordinary Situations. When jessie michaels discovers a letter written to her by her deceased best friend, she is determined to find who murdered Mary Lou, at first thought to be a victim of a serial killer by the police.