Ocean Black Sub Zero Book 2

Endeavour Media #ad - Lovejoy has proven himself a master storyteller. Clive cusslerdane brande is the man behind Marine Visions, an underwater vehicle development and research company in California. His girlfriend, kaylene rae thomas, is the president of the company but Brande is still haunted by the memory of his wife’s traumatic death; she drowned on their honeymoon after getting trapped in a shipwreck whilst scuba diving.

But they are both greedy, and surely soon their selfishness will get the better of them?When the National Center for Earthquake Information reported a pattern of small earthquakes twenty thousand feet below the ocean surface, headstrong characters, Brande and his team are sent to investigate. A vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College.

It is thought that they are man-made and if the disturbances carry on their current pattern, they could trigger the San Andreas Fault line and put millions of people living in California in danger. When mark jacobs, a campaigner for greenpeace, and Wilson Overton the journalist, hear of this news they are quick to follow Brande’s team deep in to the Pacific to see the story unfold.

But it quickly becomes clear that foul play is unfolding below the surface…could deride be behind the dangerous explosions? Will he let nothing stand in the way of his profit, even when there is a death in the water?With only days to go until Deride could set off a highly destructive earthquake that would rip through western America, and with the odds stacked against him, the clock is ticking for Brande to do everything in his power to stop Deride’s greed and prevent thousands of deaths.

Ocean Black Sub Zero Book 2 #ad - Will he pull it off?ocean Black is a gripping, modern naval adventure which will thrill to the very last page. Praise for william h lovejoy:'ripcord has much more suspense, better writing, Spanish, and a much deeper and more complex story than other thrillers…' - Toby Bromberg‘Rave Reviews’ - Romantic TimesWilliam H Lovejoy has publications in English, Hebrew and Japanese.


Ultra Deep Sub Zero Book 1

Endeavour Media #ad - An excellent read. M. E. Yet the rocket has plunged so deep into the ocean that it seems almost impossible to find, let alone salvage. Enter dane brande, possibly only, international team of experts and cutting edge equipment, with his highly-skilled, may be the world’s best, maverick but world-leading oceanographer who, hope of salvation.

From the moment the A2e crashes, that nuclear reactor is on a countdown to meltdown. A rogue environmentalist, whose ambitions are unclear even to himself, threatens to derail the operation. If he succeeds he will save the world from catastrophe and secure the future of his ground-breaking research and diving salvage company…But will Brande succeed or will he, like others, lose his life in the search for the lost rocket and its terrifying cargo?Praise for William H LovejoyʻDelta Green is an exciting aerial thriller.

Ultra Deep Sub Zero Book 1 #ad - But will brande take on the job and if he does, will he survive it?Against a background of riots and international rage, interested parties converge on the sea above the crash site. It will reach a supercritical state within a matter of days. And so, even as the a2e plummets to the very depths of the ocean, the desperate race to retrieve it begins.

Lovejoy has proven himself a master storyteller. Clive cusslerfor the new post-Soviet Commonwealth of Independent States, it was supposed to be a historic event and moment of great celebration. But when the launch of the new A2e rocket goes terribly wrong, panic grips the entire world - because this rocket has a nuclear reactor on board.



Endeavour Media #ad - He is the author of twenty-five thriller, and mystery novels, suspense, Alpha Kat, Delta Green, including Delta Blue, Phantom Strike and Ultra Deep. A vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College. Morriswilliam h lovejoy has publications in English, Spanish, Hebrew and Japanese.

As invisible as the terrorists in the seaghost, mccory is the only one who can find them…and stop them before it’s too late…Seaghost is a gripping, thriller submerged in the world of military espionage and terrorism. Praise for william H Lovejoy‘Lovejoy has proven himself a master storyteller. Clive cussler‘lovejoy writes in afterburner!… action that leaves you dry-lipped, moist-palmed and hungry for more.

Seaghost #ad - With the navy, the pentagon, and the fbi on his trail, McCory must avoid capture, ensure justice for his father, and take down the terrorists in the Sea Spectre. Seeking justice for his father’s murder, ex-Navy SEAL Kevin McCory steals the Seaghost from the dark, restricted waters of the U. S. Naval research and Development Center.

But he isn’t the only one…the warriors of Allah steal the Sea Spectre, a second stealth vessel, on the same night that McCory takes back what is rightfully his. Devlin mccory designed seaghost, deadly seagoing stealth vessel…and then was murdered, unstoppable, an invincible, and his designs stolen.


Trigger Happy

Endeavour Media #ad - Butler, retired, colonel, usaf, author of The Iskra Incident"Delta Green is an exciting aerial thriller. Buckle your seat belts!"-joe weber, rip-snorting adventure tale from William Lovejoy, author of Defcon One"Alpha Kat is an action-packed, this time with high-tech fighters and red-hot fighter pilots.

Ex-apache helicopter pilot Doug Reeves is happily living out his retirement on board a power yacht in the Monterey marina. Unable to let things lie, Reeves calls in favours from his old friends in the military. A master storyteller" - Clive Cussler, best-selling author. When his neighbour’s boat suddenly explodes he begins asking questions.

It soon becomes clear that what first seemed like an unfortunate accident was actually part of a much greater conspiracy. A vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College. But his investigation soon imperils both his life and his blossoming relationship with Donni Brakken.

Trigger Happy #ad - Will reeves get to the bottom of this crime? will his relationship with Donni be put at risk? Will he make it out alive? Praise for William H Lovejoy:“Tightly plotted,. Well-written…engaging!”-nelson demille, author of The Lion’s Game “Paperback vet Lovejoy makes his hardcover debut a memorable occasion with an ultracool, swiftly paced take of cyberspace chicanery.


Alpha Kat

Endeavour Media #ad - Technothriller fans are going to enjoy this one!’ - Stephen Coonts ‘Lovejoy writes in afterburner. Praise for alpha kat ‘alpha Kat is an action-packed adventure tale with high-tech fighters and red-hot pilots. Morris william h lovejoy is the author of twenty-five thriller, and mystery novels, suspense, including Delta Blue and Delta Green.

An excellent read. For more information on our titles please sign up to our newsletter. M. E. Follow us on twitter: @EndeavourPress and on Facebook via http://on. Fb. Me/1hweqv7. Covert action has failed against his massive forces-and millions of Americans die from the poison he sells. The white house orders cia deputy director ben Wilcox to shut down Pot’s operation, but times are tough and there’s no budget for the special equipment he needs.

Alpha Kat #ad - The brainchild of ex-air force pilot Bryce Kimball, it’s the sleekest high-tech stealth air fighter ever designed for surgical strike missions. Kimball needs a showcase for Alpha Kat. Wilcox gives him the target. A vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College.

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White Night

Endeavour Media #ad - N’s classified program brings together an expert command force. They must wield its new high-tech weapon and banish all trace of the seeds of war for good. But as the terrorists gain in strength, and casualties mount on both sides, they soon realise that this will prove to be their toughest mission to date.

Will they save our only surviving untouched resource?Or will it be lost forever?Fans of aviation will love White Night, a fast-paced thriller, full of political intrigue and suspense. Praise for william H Lovejoy‘Tightly plotted,. Well-written…engaging!’ - nelson demille, rip-snorting adventure tale from William Lovejoy, author of The Lion’s Game‘Alpha Kat is an action-packed, this time with high-tech fighters and red-hot fighter pilots.

White Night #ad - . Lovejoy has proven himself a master storyteller’ – Clive CusslerAntarctica is the last frontier on earth. Protected by international accord, it’s a treasure trove of vital minerals and precious metals – man's final untapped resource. And it’s under threat…Armed with state-of-the-art aircraft and sub-surface marine armaments, the U.

N. Technothriller fans are going to enjoy this one. Stephen Coonts, best-selling author.


USS Stonewall Jackson

#ad - This one will capture your attention. Looking forward to the next book. Submariners will find their new home aboard the USS Stonewall Jackson. ’. Have read book 2 and am now reading book 3. Good reading! Fiction on the verge of reality. I have always enjoyed a good submarine story. It’s time to take out this threat and take apart North Korea’s People’s Navy one boat at a time.

They say cometh the hour, cometh the man. A gripping read. Fast moving; hard to put down; close to accurate as a submarine story can be. Excellent writing. Cometh the foe, cometh the submarine. In exercises against allied diesel-electric boats, the United States Navy watched and learned. He’ll need to employ stealth and guile to seek out the foe.

USS Stonewall Jackson #ad - The uss stonewall jackson is on her way; she’s mean and mad as hell. But will nathan find that the korean people’s Navy has a trick up its sleeve? Follow Nathan and the USS Stonewall Jackson into hell and damnation. What amazon readers are saying about the book:★★★★★ ‘if you love sub stories, you’ll love this one!’★★★★★ ‘Great book.

Its answer? the most powerful and silent diesel-electric boat ever to patrol the deeps: the USS Stonewall Jackson.


Delta Green Colonel McKenna Adventure Book 2

Endeavour Media #ad - It is book two in the Colonel McKenna Adventure series. William h lovejoy is the author of twenty-five thriller, and mystery novels, suspense, including Delta Blue and Delta Green. A vietnam veteran, he resides in Colorado and is Vice Chancellor Emeritus from Mohave Community College. Endeavour press is the UK's leading independent digital publisher.

But that confidence is shattered when the best of their craft, Delta Green, disappears, leaving four dead bodies in its wake. Certain that it has been hijacked but mystified by how, or who by, a team of sky-fighters led by Colonel Kevin “Snake Eyes” McKenna leap into action to prevent a potentially devastating hi-tech war machine falling into the wrong hands.

Delta Green Colonel McKenna Adventure Book 2 #ad - A deadly battle for world supremacy… a planet poised on the brink of doom… a force that is the Earth’s last hope…With the development of the world’s greatest fleet of super-stealth fighter craft and a crew of highly skilled pilots to fly them, the US Air Force believes it is invincible. As they unearth a massive military assault engineered by a secret conspiracy of ex-Soviets called the New World Order catastrophe looms.

Its awesome arsenal of weaponry has the power to bring the earth to the brink of disaster. Annihilation is imminent unless the technological behemoth is stopped in time. A battle in space rages as the world balances on the brink of calamity. Delta green is a thrilling ride into the world of geo-political tensions, military espionage and nuclear apocalypse.


The China Sea: An edge-of-the-seat techno political thriller

Endeavour Media #ad - He also taught at the Air Force Academy and served as an operations plans officer. Capture will mean torture - and death. After retiring, he turned to writing about the aircraft he loves, and is the author of fourteen novels – including critically acclaimed The Warbirds and Force of Eagles. But they will not be alone.

While on active duty, he logged over 240 combat missions. But america also cannot afford to go to war. Santos and bravo team must try to prevent a war, working in the shadows. The fate of bravo team in the South China Sea could shape - or shatter - the peace between two global superpowers. The clock is ticking.

The race is on. Richard herman is a retired Air Force officer who flew C-130s and F-4s. One of the best adventure writers around. Clive cusslerthe chinese Dragon has awoken - and is narrowing its sights on the South China Sea. America - and it's president Morgan Taylor - cannot permit such territorial expansion to go unchecked.

The China Sea: An edge-of-the-seat techno political thriller #ad - To square the circle the president decides to employ the services of David Santos, a retired air force general and intelligence officer, and his "Bravo" team, a company of trained specialists. As the unit is deployed into South East Asia they know that America will deny all knowledge of their existence.


Fight Fight Raven One Book 3

Braveship Books #ad - A gripping read. He puts you in the cockpit of an advanced Navy fighter aircraft like no other author living or dead. George galdorisi, author of "The Coronado Conspiracy. Royal aeronautical society book choice of 2018 - what would a future us-china air/sea battle look like? Former US Navy fighter pilot Kevin Miller plunges the reader into a hypothetical conflict in this technothriller as HALE UAVs, energy weapons, supersonic sea-skimming missiles and aircraft carriers fight it out in a an all-too-plausible conflict in the South China Sea.

A fantastic modern version of Tom Clancy's Red Storm Rising. Misunderstanding, and fear lead to both sides mobilizing, miscalculation, with the United States moving west across the Pacific to meet and engage the People's Liberation Army Navy who waits with modern weaponry and determined purpose. Through detailed research and his insight of modern naval and aerial warfare gained through personal experience, Kevin Miller takes the reader aboard a nuclear powered aircraft carrier heading across the Pacific for the South China Sea - and combat.

Fight Fight Raven One Book 3 #ad - In a manner similar to Tom Clancy, he is willing to look at frightening outcomes and new weapon technology. Rear admiral paul Tobin"A very well-crafted fictional account of wartime operations. An introduction into the complexities of leadership under stress.


The Black Sea Horde USS Stonewall Jackson Book 3

#ad - Great read and I would recommend it to anyone. Great book series… You could feel the suspense of the crew. Keep the books coming. The writer is quite knowledgeable about the workings of equipment, and he can keep your interest all thru the book. I loved these books, very exciting, some scenarios unlikely but not implausible given today’s world events.

Five stars. The russian bear is still up to his old tricks of intimidation and oppression. For her weapons officer, Lieutenant Commander Nathan Blake, this is the patrol from hell. Ukraine’s secret weapon is young spy Yana Borisova. Uss nyc is the tripwire and first line of defense. Nathan finds himself drawn into her fight, ashore in a foreign land and under the sea.

The Black Sea Horde USS Stonewall Jackson Book 3 #ad - Very entertaining. Great book! Had a hard time putting the book down. Every chance I had, I continued it. If you have not read one of this series then you are missing out on some good books!’. The victim? the newly independent country of the Ukraine, which lies on the Black Sea, long considered by the Russians as their lake.

We’re on the brink of war and the Pentagon needs covert local intelligence.