Pokemon Snap

Nintendo - Pokemon sanp a fun game about a world filled with pokemon you get to go around and take pictures a real scenic type game and fun for all Pokemon Snap.

Pokemon Stadium

Nintendo - The technical machines, attacks, and levels of your trained Pokémon are available on Pokémon Stadium, so you won't have to leave any of your favorites behind. Pokémon stadium lets you stage pokémon battles in a whole new arena--on your nintendo 64! See all 150 Pokémon execute their attacks in full 3-D, and create your own custom stickers! Pokémon Stadium gives trainers an arena to engage in heated Pokémon battles, and offers them a ringside seat for the action.

There are 150 pokémon that can be used, or "rented, " in Pokémon Stadium, even if you decide not to transfer data from your Game Boy Pokémon games. You'll want your specially trained Pokémon to battle Stadium's toughest rivals. Pokemon N64 Games. Mewtwo is never available as a rental Pokémon, but you can upload Mewtwo from your Pokémon Game Pak.

Pokemon Stadium - Pokémon stadium will allow up to four players to compete in a grueling Pokémon tournament, designed to reveal which of your friends is the best Pokémon trainer. Tons of features, including support for playing your game boy pokémon game through your n64, make stadium a must-have for all Pokémon fans! In Pokémon Stadium, you're able to battle using your most loyal Pokémon from the Red, Blue, and Yellow versions of Pokémon sold separately.

Thanks to a transfer pak that comes with pokémon Stadium and plugs into the bottom of your controller, data can be transferred straight from a Game Boy cartridge to your N64.

Super Mario 64

Nintendo NUS-006(EUR) - Has a name written on label in pen works fine Pokemon N64 Games.

Donkey Kong 64 - Nintendo 64

Nintendo NUS-NDOE-USA - Donkey Kong 64. Rool by exploring their home island in search of more than 200 gold bananas, as well as other items that help the primates' progress. Donkey kong 64's incredible graphics and smooth gameplay are boosted by an included 4-MB expansion pack. Eric twelker Pokemon N64 Games. In addition to the single-player adventure, unique multiplayer games offer opportunities for social interaction between marathon solo sessions.

The unit helps process the memory-demanding graphics, and other eye candy, shadows, and enhances the colored lighting effects, such as . Donkey kong 64 falls into this category. Well, there we go adding to the hype machine. Every so often a game enters the scene propelled by so much hype and promising so many innovations that decorating it with more pretty words seems pointless.

Players alternate control of donkey kong and four other characters--each with unique abilities--to complete puzzles, " compete in mini-games, conquer "baddies, and navigate through physical challenges. Just remember: this game will be king of Nintendo's jungle for quite a while and, with a few million rabid fans, could enter the ranks of classic Nintendo 64 games.

Donkey Kong 64 - Nintendo 64 - In this massive and graphically beautiful game, Donkey Kong and his pals must right the wrongs of King K. Donkey kong 64 is a 3-d action adventure game--à la super mario 64 and Banjo Kazooie--based on the game icon of the same name you know, the ape who rolled barrels down on Mario's head in the early '80s arcades.

Pokemon Stadium 2

Nintendo Games Nintendo NES - Pokemon N64 Games. Guaranteed functional or replacement. Cartridge only. Cartridge and/or label will show some wear, tearing, including discoloration, writing, or other cosmetic issues. Nintendo 64. Donkey Kong 64.

Diddy Kong Racing

Nintendo NUS-006(EUR) - Donkey Kong 64. Nintendo 64. New, sealed, original packaging Pokemon N64 Games.


Nintendo - Donkey Kong 64. This game comes as the cartridge game only shipped with tracking & delivery confirmation. This game has been tested & found to be in perfect working condition guaranteed to play without defect. Banjo-Kazooie. Nintendo 64. OperatingSystem: Nintendo 64. Label in good condition or restored and clean" see my other products.

HardwarePlatform: Pc. Pokemon N64 Games.

Mario Kart 64

Nintendo NUS-006 - Banjo-Kazooie. 1996 pokemon N64 Games. HardwarePlatform: Pc. Donkey Kong 64. Nintendo 64. OperatingSystem: Nintendo 64.

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Nintendo - Donkey Kong 64. Nintendo 64. OperatingSystem: Nintendo 64. Banjo-Kazooie. HardwarePlatform: Pc. The legend of zelda- ocarina of time for nintendo 64 CLASSIC GAME!!! Pokemon N64 Games.

Yoshi's Story

Nintendo - HardwarePlatform: Pc. Banjo-Kazooie. Collectable very good. Great condition - 100% of proceeds provides free clothing and toys to foster children through Foster Care Support Foundation Pokemon N64 Games. Nintendo 64. Donkey Kong 64. OperatingSystem: Nintendo 64.

Nintendo 64 System - Video Game Console

Nintendo NUS-001 - OperatingSystem: Nintendo 64. Nintendo 64. HardwarePlatform: Pc. Nintendo 64 console Pokemon N64 Games. Donkey Kong 64. Banjo-Kazooie. Collectable very good.