Requiem for a Dying Planet

Achingly beautiful music by Ernst Reijseger completes the ace package. Variety music has always played a central role in the art of Werner Herzog. This musical vision led to extraordinary recording sessions in Paris and Ludwigsburg with Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger, Senegalese singer Mola Sylla, and the Tenore e Cuncordu de Orosei.

This soundtrack is destined for greater things. Hollywood reporter "entrancing and often funny pic spins a tall tale about deep-space voyages to and from Earth via a mixture of original material, archival clips, and footage shot in space by astronauts. An extraordinary haunting score.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams

The breathtaking soundtrack for Werner Herzog s film featuresspherical sounds, gorgeous strings, and wonderful choral arrangements. Strong candidate for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Film. Shrink-wrapped.