Second Chance: A Novel Steel, Danielle

Dell #ad - It didn’t take long for the dominoes to start falling. But after fiona impulsively invited John to the Paris couture shows, somewhere between the magic of the runway and the stroll along the Seine, she let him into her heart. As editor-in-chief of new york’s leading fashion magazine, Fiona Monaghan was utterly content with her life, jetting back and forth between her stylish Manhattan and Europe—until the sweltering June day John Anderson strolled into her office.

In a dazzling tale of modern misadventures and career-crossed relationships, Danielle Steel captures the heady magic of instant attraction, the challenges of change—and the hope that comes when we dare to do it all over again. Then, after a disastrous dinner party with John’s biggest client, Fiona and John’s relationship began to unravel with alarming speed.

Second Chance: A Novel Steel, Danielle #ad - A widower with two daughters, john was as conservative as Fiona was freewheeling, both amused and appalled by her world of high-strung designers, and Sir Winston, anorexic models, Fendi-stuffed closets, her snoring bulldog. And as the snow falls on the city of light, the curtain will rise on a second act Fiona never saw coming.

And within weeks of their return to New York, John was making friends with Sir Winston—and Fiona was making room in her closets. What happens next will set Fiona on a journey filled with pain, revelation, and awakening. First, john introduced Fiona to his hostile daughters and their bloodthirsty Pekingese and snarling housekeeper.


Miracle: A Novel

Dell #ad - Looking back at all he missed with his family while he built his empire, Quinn is consumed by guilt, focused only on escaping to the sea. With a subtle hand and a flawless touch, cry, and makes us laugh, she has written a novel that soars with hope, and care. A man who has scaled heights of success in business, Quinn is now adrift, waiting as builders put the finishing touches on his newest passion, a 180-foot yacht he plans to sail around the world.

But as his plans near completion, and his friendship with Maggie begins to change, Quinn faces a choice–between a safe haven and an adventure of the heart. In a quiet neighborhood in san Francisco, amid the chaos of fallen trees and damaged homes, the lives of three strangers are about to collide.

Miracle: A Novel #ad - But at the center of the friendship is Quinn. For neighbor maggie Dartman, it will spark friendship at a time when she needs it most. For quinn thompson, what happens in the storm’s wake will bring down a barrier he has built around himself since his wife’s death. Danielle steel brings us miracles big and small–the kind we are blessed with and those we give to others.

. And for jack adams, a carpenter who will repair Quinn’s and Maggie’ s homes, the storm brings an opportunity: to help two people and to be repaid with the greatest gift of all. It is new year’s eve when the storm of the century hits northern California.


Sunset in St. Tropez: A Novel

Dell #ad - Beds collapse beneath them. All while a would-be housekeeper in a leopard-skin bikini and six-inch heels sashays through the house with a trio of yapping poodles at her heels. Cobwebs hang from the ceiling. Spending new year’s eve together was a sacred tradition for Diana, Eric, and their best friends, her husband of thirty-two years, Pascale and John Donnally and Anne and Robert Smith.

But the biggest surprise of all is the woman Robert invites to the villa as his guest--a lovely, much-younger film actress with mile-long legs and a million-dollar smile. But the men are dazzled. And amid the crumbling furniture and the glorious sunsets, the strained relationships and the acts of forgiveness, more surprises are in store for the villa’s occupants.

Sunset in St. Tropez: A Novel #ad - The future looked rosy as the long-time friends sipped champagne and talked of renting a villa together in the South of France the following summer. Convinced that a change of scenery is just what Robert needs, they urge him to join them on the Riviera in August. As diana morrison laid the table for six at her elegant Central Park apartment, there was no warning of what was to come.

Tropez--sight unseen--is far different from the exquisite villa and sun-drenched gardens touted in the brochure. But life had other plans. Diana and Pascale hate her on sight. Tropez.


Sisters: A Novel

Dell #ad - But before the holiday is over, tragedy strikes and their world is utterly changed. Suddenly, to support each other, four sisters who have been fervently pursuing success and their own lives come together to share one New York brownstone, and to pick up the pieces while one of them struggles to heal her shattered body and soul.

Her sister tammy, twenty-nine, has a job producing the most successful hit show on TV. Four sisters, a manhattan brownstone, and a tumultuous year of loss and courage are at the heart of Danielle Steel’s new novel about a remarkable family, a stunning tragedy—and what happens when four very different young women come together under one very lively roof.

Twenty-one-year-old candy is blazing her way through Paris, New York, and Tokyo as fashion’s latest international supermodel. But as the four women settle in, they are forced to confront the direction of their respective lives. With unerring insight and compassion, Danielle Steel tells a compelling story of sisters who are irrevocably woven into the fabric of one another’s lives.

Sisters: A Novel #ad - One fourth of july weekend, the four sisters come home to Connecticut for their family’s annual gathering. Brilliantly blending humor and heartbreak, she delivers a powerful message about the fragility—and the wonder—of life. A bustling house is soon filled with eccentric dogs, tears, friends, laughter, men .


A Good Woman: A Novel

Dell #ad - And when the war ends, a mother, annabelle begins a new life in Paris—now a doctor, her past almost forgotten…until a fateful meeting opens her heart to the world she had left behind. Filled with breathtaking images and historical detail, a good woman, Danielle Steel’s new novel introduces one of her most unique and fascinating characters: Annabelle Worthington, a remarkable woman, a true survivor who triumphs against overwhelming odds.

But everything changed on a cold April day in 1912, when the sinking of the Titanic shattered her family and her privileged world forever. For annabelle’s story is more than compelling fiction, dignity, it is a powerful celebration of life, and courage—and a testament to the human will to survive. There, studying medicine, annabelle finds her true calling, in the heart of the First World War, working as an ambulance medic on the front lines, in a groundbreaking field hospital run by women, saving lives.

A Good Woman: A Novel #ad - From the glittering ballrooms of manhattan to the fires of World War I, Danielle Steel takes us on an unforgettable journey in her new novel—a spellbinding tale of war, loss, history, and one woman’s unbreakable spirit. Nineteen-year-old annabelle worthington was born into a life of privilege, raised amid the glamour of New York society, with glorious homes on Fifth Avenue and in Newport, Rhode Island.


Beauchamp Hall: A Novel

Dell #ad - You never know what magic will happen! Then real life got in the way when she left college and returned to her small Michigan hometown to care for her sick mother. New york times bestseller • danielle steel tells the uplifting story of an ordinary woman embracing an extraordinary adventure, and the daring choice that transforms her world.

The brother and sister who live in the castle where the show is filmed, rich in titles but poor in cash, are more like long-lost friends than British nobility. The quaint b & B where she stays feels like home. Winona farmington once dreamed of graduating from college, moving to New York City, and pursuing a career in publishing.

Beauchamp Hall: A Novel #ad - Winnie’s world comes alive on the set of the show. She consoles herself with binge-watching the British television series that she loves, Beauchamp Hall, enthralled by the sumptuous period drama set on a great Norfolk estate in the 1920s. And the show itself, with its colorful company and behind-the-scenes affairs, is a drama all its own.

Heartbroken, she makes the first impulsive decision of her conventional life—which changes everything. What happens next is the stuff of dreams, as Winnie takes the boldest leap of all. Beauchamp Hall reminds us to follow our dreams.


Honor Thyself: A Novel

Dell #ad - Her courageous journey inspires us all. But for carole an extraordinary opportunity has arisen in a life-threatening crisis: a second chance to count her blessings, heal wounded hearts, recapture lost love… and to live a life that will truly honor others—beginning with herself. A tale of survival and dignity, fears, of small miracles and big surprises, Honor Thyself creates an unforgettable portrait of a public figure whose hopes, and heartbreaks are as real as our own.

A legend of film and stage, Carole has set a standard of beauty and grace, devoting herself to her family and causes around the world. In the days that follow, the paparazzi swarm. A mysterious stranger, a man famous in his own realm, quietly visits the hospital to see the woman he once loved and never forgot.

Then comes a moment of shock as they all realize that Carole is far from home and fighting for her life. Every detail must be pieced back together—from a childhood in rural Mississippi to the early days of her career, from the unintentional hurt inflicted on her daughter to a fifteen year-old secret love affair that went tragically wrong.

Honor Thyself: A Novel #ad - A world-renowned actress falls victim to a terrifying explosion in Paris—and begins a courageous journey of survival, memory, and self-discovery in Danielle Steel’s mesmerizing new novel. Carole barber has come to paris, with its rain-slick slate roofs and winding streets, to work on her novel—and to find herself after a lifetime in the spotlight.

But on this cool november evening, a fiery instant of terror shatters hundreds of lives—and leaves Carole alone, as her taxi speeds into a tunnel just past the Louvre, unconscious and unidentified in a Paris emergency room.


Rogue: A Novel

Dell #ad - Brilliant, charismatic, and wholly unpredictable, Blake Williams made millions and grabbed headlines as a dot-com entrepreneur. For maxine it starts when she falls in love with Dr. For five years blake and maxine have worked out an odd but amicable divorce, a yacht he lends her every summer, with friendly though infrequent visits, and three children they both adore.

Her only problem? Her irresistibly charming, utterly infuriating ex-husband, aka the. Rogue being married to Blake had been an amazing adventure for Maxine. But blake’ s sudden transformation—from carefree playboy to compassionate, responsible grown-up—raises questions she’s never managed to answer.

Rogue: A Novel #ad - . Meet maxine williams, a dedicated doctor with three great kids, a challenging career, and the perfect new man in her life. Now blake wants maxine in his life again—as a partner in a humanitarian project that could change countless lives. Then everything changes…. His only shortcoming was as a husband—first his work and then his never-ending quest for fun kept him constantly on the move, far away from Maxine and his family.

For maxine the choice is clear.


Coming Out: A Novel

Dell #ad - From a son’s crisis to a daughter’s heartbreak, from a case of the chicken pox to a political debate raging in her household, Olympia is on the verge of surrender. But despite it all, olympia is determined to steer her family through the event until, just days before the cotillion, things begin to unravel with alarming speed.

As old wounds are healed, and a debutante ball becomes a catalyst for change, acceptance, revelation, barriers are shattered and new traditions are born, and love. Olympia crawford rubinstein has a busy legal career, humor, a solid marriage, and a way of managing her thriving family with grace, and boundless energy.

Coming Out: A Novel #ad - Then there’s olympia’s ex, an insufferable snob, who sees the ball as the perfect opportunity for a family feud. One twin’s excitement is balanced by the other’s outrage; her previous husband’s profound snobbism is in sharp contrast to her current husband’s flat refusal to attend. With twin daughters finishing high school, a son at Dartmouth, and a kindergartner from her second marriage, there seems to be no challenge to which Olympia cannot rise.

And amid all the hubbub, olympia’s college-age son, Charlie, is facing a turning point in his life–and may need his mother more than ever. In a novel that is by turns profound, poignant, Danielle Steel tells the story of an extraordinary family–finding new ways of letting go, and warmly funny, moving, stepping up, and coming out.


The Cottage: A Novel

Dell #ad - Modeled after the “cottages” of newport, sitting on fourteen acres of lush Bel Air, Rhode Island, elegant property, the spacious, fits its owner to a T. But amid all the noise and the chaos, something unexpected is happening. His new tenants, mark friedman and Jimmy O’Connor, are busy coping with problems of their own.

. A stranger approaches Coop with stunning news. A devastating accident almost claims the life of one of the housemates. And in the midst of it all, the cottage welcomes a new houseguest with a secret of her own, who will change Coop’s life in unexpected ways. But today coop Winslow is in for a major surprise.

The Cottage: A Novel #ad - . In her fifty-fourth bestselling novel, Danielle Steel weaves a compelling story of fame and friendship, charmed lives and private struggles. And of three very different men whose lives converge and collide at The Cottage. On a sunny day in hollywood, a gleaming Rolls-Royce convertible pulls through the gates of the magnificent estate known as The Cottage.


One Day at a Time: A Novel

Dell #ad - The attraction couldn’t be more immediate. Her mother is a mega-bestselling author who writes under the name of Florence Flowers—and her sister, Jane, is one of Hollywood’s top producers. They’re not your typical family by any means. Jane has lived with her partner, for ten years, in a solid, Liz, loving relationship.

Florence, widowed but still radiant, has just begun a secret romance with a man twenty-four years her junior. As coco contemplates a future with one of hollywood’s hottest stars, some not so traditional, as her mother and sister settle into their lives, old wounds are healed and new familes are formed—some traditional, but all bonded by love.

One Day at a Time: A Novel #ad - With wit and intelligence, danielle Steel’s new novel explores love in all its guises, taking us into the lives of three unusual but wonderfully real couples. And jane and liz are about to take the bravest plunge of all—into parenthood. Danielle steel celebrates families of every stripe in her compelling new novel—a tale of three very different couples who struggle and survive, love, and learn to take life…Coco Barrington was born into a legendary Hollywood family, laugh, her last name loaded with expectations.

Their worlds couldn’t be more different. Suddenly coco is seeing things differently: Leslie is not just a celebrity, he’s a single dad to an adorable six-year-old girl. Her mother is not just a self-centered walking advertisement for great cosmetic surgery, she’s a woman in love, with vulnerability and new insight.