Starburst Original Fruit Chews Candy Bag, 41 ounce, 2 Bags

Starburst can be enjoyed alone or as a burst of juicy flavor added to your favorite recipes. Add an unexplainably juicy treat to your party, around your house-or stash a few for snacking later. The strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon flavors that started it all. Gluten-free, fruit-flavored candy chews with a soft, chewy texture.

Package includes 2 resealable stand-up bags, 41 ounces each. Have you experienced the unexpectedly juicy burst of bold fruit flavor inside every Starburst candy? Treat yourself to the extraordinary juiciness that defines these beloved chewy candies. Pop one in your mouth and unleash the juiciness. The unexplainably juicy classic, Starburst Originals are the strawberry, cherry, orange, and lemon flavored chewy candies that started it all.

From starburst candies right out of the wrapper to Starburst recipes and decorations, there are endless ways to add a burst of juicy flavor every day, including adding them to your next party.

STARBURST Original Fruit Chew Candy 54-Ounce Party Size Bag

Each bulk pack of starburst candies is perfect for stocking the office pantry, celebrating birthdays or sharing on game night. Whether you're obsessed with orange, in love with lemon, cherish cherry or stockpile strawberry, you'll be satisfied. Juicy sweetness: starburst fruit chews are made with real fruit juice, for the ultimate juicy treat.

Great to serve at parties, toss into a lunch or take along for a midday treat. Orange you glad that starburst candy still has the fruity, cherry, juicy flavor you grew up with? These soft fruit chews have a powerful, juicy punch that's as satisfying today as it's always been. The strawberry, orange and lemon flavors started it all.

Fruity burst of flavor: starburst unexplainably juicy fruit Chews deliver a chewy burst of fruit flavor in every fruity chew. These full size pouches pack a full size fruity flavor for a delicious punch of orange, cherry, strawberry, or lemon. Original classic: starburst original fruit chews are the same unexplainable juicy burst of flavor you've been loving since you were a kid.

With starburst original fruit chew Candy, there are endless ways to add a burst of unexplainably juicy flavor every day. Contains one 1 54-ounce party size bag of STARBURST Original Fruit Chews featuring Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon and Orange flavor candies. Enjoy your favorite fruity candy with enough to share with everyone.