The 7 Stages of Creativity: Developing Your Creative Self

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - Creativity is the one universal ingredient of success. Turning your creativity on at will. Becoming an expert in your field. In this book lies the key to: Learning faster and retaining knowledge better. And yet our school curricula focus on rote learning and test taking at the expense of creativity, problem-solving and higher-order thinking.

Learn to supercharge your creativity to make your work more interesting and your life more exciting. Creatives report higher job satisfaction and lead more fulfilling lives than any other class of people. In this book, microsoft distinguished engineer james Whittaker shows you how to develop your creative mind and use it as the fulcrum of a lifestyle where creativity doesn’t just happen, it becomes the default case for everything you do in work and life.

The 7 Stages of Creativity: Developing Your Creative Self - . Discovering and nurturing your creative biorhythms. This book is based on the hugely popular course by the same title and is written by a serial creative who wants nothing more than to expand the creative class with people just like you.

The Storyteller's Spellbook: How to make your ideas more compelling and your career more magical

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - There is a big difference between transmitting facts to an audience and transforming the way people think. Nearly every stage the world presents is yours for the taking. All the spells you need to work magic of your own are right here in this book. The former is the choice of most speakers and explains why from classrooms to conference rooms, boredom is the primary experience audiences receive.

Prepare to wow your audiences and reap the career benefits of magical stagecraft. That’s right, YOU. Far too many speakers either don’t take their audiences seriously and squander the opportunity the stage offers, or – even worse – assume that their natural charisma is far stronger than it actually is.

The Storyteller's Spellbook: How to make your ideas more compelling and your career more magical - And here’s the really good news, that magic is accessible to you. This is good news for you. All it takes is a little magic. Most people’s inability to engage an audience is your opportunity.

James Whittaker's Little Book of the Future

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform - In as little as a single generation from now, we will coexist with machines smarter than ourselves and live a life that is bereft of labor and responsibility. We are the first human generation smart enough to build artificially intelligent machines and stupid enough to actually build them. Come ready to be challenged and most of all, brace for impact.

How will this technology evolve? what impact will it have on our social structures and economic institutions? Join Microsoft Distinguished Engineer James Whittaker as he takes us on an educational and inspiring romp through the near-term future using examples from everyday life as we edge closer to the science fiction world of tomorrow.

Contemporary Project Management

Cengage Learning - All content is consistent with the knowledge areas and processes of the fifth edition of the PMBOK Guide to give students an advantage in becoming Certified Project Management Professionals PMP if they choose. Students learn to master the most proven methods in project management as well as exciting new techniques emerging from current industry and today's most recent research with Kloppenborg's CONTEMPORARY PROJECT MANAGEMENT, 3E.

This text introduces time-tested manual techniques and progressive automated techniques, all consistent with the latest PMBOK Guide and integrated with Microsoft Project 2013. The book's focused approach is ideal for building strong portfolios that showcase project management skills for future interviews.

Leadership: Theory, Application, & Skill Development

Cengage Learning - The authors combine traditional theory with cutting-edge leadership topics in a concise presentation that is packed with real-world examples. The most practical leadership textbook on the market, uses a unique three-pronged approach to teach leadership concepts and theory, LEADERSHIP 5e, and takes students to the next level by developing their competencies in applying the concepts and development leadership skills they can immediately start using in their personal and professional lives.

The text constantly puts the student in the leadership role engaging them in applying the concepts, as well as providing step-by-step behavior models for effectively handling leadership functions. Leadership's innovative three-pronged approach provides the greatest array and quality of learning opportunities.

You Had Me at Hello World: Mentoring Sessions with Industry Leaders at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Zynga and more!

Dona Sarkar - I love reaching and meeting new people and you can now consider me “in your network” and I hope I can do the same for you. My best always, Dona. Read the book and let's talk. Would you like the chance to have a mentoring session with a vp, google, things they wished they had learned at school, amazon, Microsoft, Zynga, Director or other influential leader from Facebook, Textio and many others? ? I did! So I scheduled time with these awesome people : Guess what? They did not tell me to write cleaner code or design more elegant architecture! Instead they shared with me their "career acumen" secrets, Rent The Runway, but instead have had to learn the hard way.

In this book, speaking to, the qualities that make you completely unique and memorable - a script for how to negotiate your salary in a non-aggressive way and influence your managers and peers from day one - How to do that infamous "networking" thing everyone talks about, you will hear these leaders' secrets around: - Finding and using your superpowers, especially if you're not a networking event kind of person - How to have professional presence that sets you apart from everyone else - How to hit the ground running in the first 100 days and be the "rockstar" employee everyone talks about and wishes they could hire more of I've had all kinds of adventures during my 10 years of engineering at Microsoft but my absolute favorite thing has been building relationships, and mentoring people both in and out of the tech industry on how to achieve their career goals while still being themselves.

You Had Me at Hello World: Mentoring Sessions with Industry Leaders at Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Amazon, Zynga and more! - This book is full of practical, do-today things as well as "scripts" and email templates that we have all actually used. When i interviewed 25 tech leaders for advice on the questions I get over and over, I wanted to share it with more than just my mentees.

Lean Production Simplified

Productivity Press - For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time. The author helps the reader to grasp the system as a whole and the factors that animate it by organizing the book around an image of a house of lean production. Highlights include: a comprehensive view of toyota¹s lean manufacturing system a look at the origins and underlying principles of lean identifying the goals of lean production Practical problem solving for lean production Activities that support involvement - Kaizen circles, suggestion systems, and problem solving This second edition has been updated with expanded information on the Lean Improvement Process; Production Physics and Little's Law - the fundamental equation for both manufacturing and service industries cycle time = work in process/throughput; Value Stream Thinking - combining processes required to bring the product or service to the customer; Hoshin Planning -- using the Planning and Execution Tree diagram and Problem Solving -- including the "Five Why" method and how to use it.

Winner of a shingo research and professional Publication AwardLean Production Simplified, Second Edition is a plain language guide to the lean production system written for the practitioner by a practitioner. Lean production simplified, Second Edition covers each of the components of lean within the context of the entire lean production system.

Lean Production Simplified - . 100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! The author's straightforward common sense approach makes this book an easily accessible on-the-floor resource for every operator. It delivers a comprehensive insider's view of lean manufacturing.

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux 4th Edition

Prentice Hall - Whether you’re a user, or programmer, administrator, you’ll find everything you need here–now, and for years to come.100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! Sobell draws on his immense linux knowledge to explain both the “hows” and the “whys” of Ubuntu. A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux 4th Edition.

. Sobell walks you through every essential feature and technique, from installing Ubuntu to working with the latest Ubuntu Unity desktop, and from configuring servers and monitoring networks to handling day-to-day system administration. He’s taught hundreds of thousands of readers and never forgets what it’s like to be new to Linux.

The world’s most practical ubuntu linux book is now even more useful!   This book delivers Completely revamped installation coverage reflecting Ubuntu 14. 04’s improved ubiquity graphical and debian-installer textual installers updated jumpstarts for quickly setting up samba, nfs, dpkg, dns, plus a section on using gpg gnu privacy guard to protect documents in transit deep coverage of essential administration tasks–from managing users to cupS printing, and other complex servers Revamped and updated explanations of the ufw, Apache, NIS, gufw, LDAP, and Cacti network monitoring Expert coverage of Internet server configuration and customization, NFS, FTP, cryptography, including DNS/BIND, and iptables firewall tools An all-new chapter on creating VMs virtual machines locally and in the cloud New coverage of the MariaDB open source plug-in replacement for MySQL Comprehensive networking coverage, and from configuring LANs and LDAP to building VMs virtual machines Complete instructions on keeping systems up to date using apt-get, FTP, including sudo, SSL certificates, hash functions, CUPS, including apache2 Web and postfix mail A new chapter covering state-of-the-art security techniques, postfix, OpenSSH, and other tools And much more .

A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux 4th Edition - His exceptionally clear explanations demystify everything from Apache, and postfix, virtualization, to ufw, Samba, and MariaDB/MySQL database management. Joseph, systems administrator & ubuntu Community Member  The #1 Ubuntu resource, fully updated for Ubuntu 14. 04 trusty tahr–the long term support lts release canonical will support into 2019 extensive new coverage of installation, virtualization, python programming, security, MariaDB, and much more Updated JumpStarts help you set up many complex servers in minutes Hundreds of up-to-date examples, configuring, Fourth Edition, plus four updated indexes deliver fast access to reliable answers  Mark Sobell’s A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux®, securing, is the most thorough and up-to-date reference to installing, and working with Ubuntu desktops and servers.

Occupational Safety and Health for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers

Pearson - Appropriate for safety management, covers the laws and regulations, the book follows a logical sequence that provides a historical perspective and overview, prevention, examines hazard assessment, discusses the human element, and control, engineering and technology programs, and covers management of safety and health.

Used book in Good Condition. This edition features updated osha standards and contemporary topics such as safety culture, workplace violence, safety’s role in global competitiveness, natural disasters and terrorism. A practical guide to Ubuntu Linux 4th Edition. 100% satisfaction is Guaranteed! Known for its comprehensive coverage, this text covers all aspects of occupational safety and health in today’s global workplace.

Occupational Safety and Health for Technologists, Engineers, and Managers - . Some new features include: all osha standards, as well as those of other regulatory agencies, were updated Chapter 4: Added a new section on the ";Emerging Role of S For all our books; cargo will be delivered in the required time.